Pour Over Coffee Kettle 1200ML


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This spout is to provide a rating steam of hot water in coffee brewing, enhances your coffee’s taste and quality.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 25.5 x 14.5 x 19.5 (cm)
  • Volume: 1200 ml, 40 fl oz.

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7 reviews for Pour Over Coffee Kettle 1200ML

  1. Lee Lieberman (verified owner)

    The kettle is half the price of the competition! It has done everything required to make pour-over coffee for one or two with the Chemex, the Aeropress, and Mellitta systems. I have control to the gram; it heats quickly and the escaping steam clearly shows the water is boiling. The shape, placing, and nut securing the handle may be novel, but it works and the balance is perfect. The cover stays in place. The delivery was less than a week from the day I ordered. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

  2. R Jason (verified owner)

    Considering it’s overseas, delivery was well within promised time to the USA. The kettle does a fine job with my Kalita brewing. Great price, excellent kettle.

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Im really happy with this kettle. I use it mainly with my chemex coffee brewer. The delivery was really fast, only twelve days to the U.S. I would recommend this kettle to anyone. Works great and looks great too.

  4. Niels Verkade (verified owner)

    If your looking for a cheap kettle for pourover coffee (ie Chemex, Hario) this is what your looking for. The quality is good, the last bit of water does tend to come out with a little splash. I think it’s not a big deal. The handle must be tightened with the rubber washer, otherwise it comes loose. It took about 20 days to the Netherlands, 6 days when tracking said ‘left HK for destination’.

  5. Mason Hastie (verified owner)

    This kettle is great. It’s actually much better quality than I expected for the price. I have not had the (minor) problem that other people describe, where the last bit of water burbles out. I rarely pour all the way to the end of the pot. I also haven’t had the nut loosen on me, although I was worried it would. If it does, I’ll try out the rubber washer solution. I’d recommend this kettle to anyone.

  6. Aaron Hartwell (verified owner)

    I use the kettle for pour-over coffee with a hario dripper. I have been using it for about a year with no problems, except that the nut that holds the handle on loosens up with use. That’s really not a big deal, I’ll try the rubber washer to fix it. It gives great control for pourover, I can easily pour slower than the water drains from the dripper. Shipping wasn’t bad time or price wise, all things considered. Glad I got this and would definately reccomend to anyone need of a nice looking kettle that offers good pour control!

  7. Shawn Weatherhead (verified owner)

    I love this kettle. It works perfectly for my chemex coffee brewer. This item is a great substitute for the much more expensive Hario Buono kettle.

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