Tense Wall Lamp


Designer Panter & Tourron’s Tense series for New Works explores material tension and incorporates this into their designs, resulting in delicate, flowing shapes. The Tense Wall Lamp, part of this series, features a dreamy, cloud-like shade that softly diffuses light, creating a sculptural effect that complements a wide range of architectural styles. The Tyvek diffuser adds texture and a tactile quality to the lamp, with a soft fabric-like feel and a crisp paper-like appearance. Additionally, the Tyvek material provides strength, class 1 flame retardancy, and is 100% recyclable. When the light is switched on, the crinkled texture of the Tyvek is emphasized, resulting in a delicate interplay of light and shadow. The Tense Wall Lamp is equipped with an integrated LED light source and a discrete pin switch located at the base.

  • Brand: New Works
  • Designer: Panter & Tourron, 2022
  • Dimensions H: 440 x W: 300 x D: 110 mm
  • Color: White Tyvek.
  • Material: Powder coated aluminum with Tyvek shade
  • Bulb: 4W LED, 2700K; 230V/110mA, 50/60Hz; Lumen: 400 lm; CRI: 80+.

Production time: 2 weeks

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New Works is a Danish furniture and lightning brand, for whom the exploration of handicraft and different materials is important. Essential for New Works is the rethinking of forms, materials and solutions. Their work does not need to be understood, but used.

In the design process itself it is important to draw a line between inspiration and imitation: it is more important to create products that look and feel good than products that happen to be big at the moment.

Panter & Tourron

With a strong focus on research into new formal codes and visual experiences, the Swiss studio of Panter & Tourron works at the intersection of technology, design and society. Material and technological innovation allows for unexpected work that defines a new vision of luxury and pushes the boundaries of contemporary design today.


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