Liila 7 Wall Ceiling Lamp Optic


Liila 7 has an elongated modular formation. It looks great as a light sculpture and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Liila 7 is ideal on dining room or lounge walls, as a luminous headboard or on the ceiling of a narrow hall where high-quality lighting is needed. Its modular construction makes it ideal to be grouped into attractive arrangements.
  • Brand: NUURA
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Materials: Powder coated metal and mouth-blown glass.
  • Dimensions: 943mm x 554mm, Weight(armature + glass): 7100g
  • Color: Glass – Optic Glass, Metal – Nordic Gold
  • Light source: Illumination G9 (344-07), 2.3W LED, 2700K, max wattage: 7W LED (Bulb not included)

Production time: 2-3 weeks.

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Nuura is a Danish design lamp brand founded in 2017 by Nadia Lassen, Peter Østerberg and Sofie Refer, who is also the main designer of the company. Inspired by the Nordic nature, Nuura designs lamps for both private homes and public spaces. The luxurious touch of its collections comes from the blend of timeless shapes, top-quality materials and modern technology. Nuura is a word for light and honour, and the brand’s designs reflect the shades of the magical Nordic light, from the dusky winters to the bright summer days and nightless midsummer nights.

Designer – Sofie Refer

Sofie Refer is an internationally awarded Danish lighting designer and rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition she considers respect for nature and the beauty of simplicity as two of the most valuable qualities in her designs. With esteem for the tradition, Sofie likes to challenge the perception and with curiosity and eagerness to explore the riches, generosity and extravagance of environment interprets these in her lighting designs. “I am truly inspired by light in the Nordic. I strive to balance simplicity and grandeur, and create light that has a pure yet sensuous expression.”

Weight 20000 g


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