Lemnos Wall Clock Riki Ring White


  • Brand: Lemnos (Japan)
  • Designer: RIKI WATANABE, 1981
  • Good Design Award 2021(Japan)
  • Size: φ251× d60mm
  • Material: Aluminum, Glass
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery.
  • Made in Japan.
  • pre-order takes 1-2 weeks.

A hand that resembles an eyeglass frame and ring-shaped indicators deliver an exquisite balance between decorative reference marks/pointers and functional beauty. In the postmodern era and at a time when semiotics theories are being re-assessed, the clock suggests a reinterpretation of antiques and a new perception of time by the designer who was well versed in literature and philosophy. It achieves a light, effortless style by pursuing the great potential of modern clocks.


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Founded in 1947, TAKATA Lemnos Inc. started as a brass casting manufacturing company in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and went into full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd in 1966. Lemnos works with many well-known designers such as Riki WATANABE, Kazuo KAWASAKI, nendo, Shin AZUMI, Tomoko AZUMI, Kanae TSUKAMOTO etc to design and create clocks that are timeless and accentuates the beauty of the raw material used.

Designer – RIKI WATANABE (1911–2013) 

Graduated from the Woodwork Department of Tokyo High Polytechnic School. After working as an assistant professor at Tokyo High Polytechnic School and as an assistant in the Forestry Department at Tokyo Imperial University (the existing Tokyo University), he established Japan’s first design office, the RIKI WATANABE Design Office, in 1949. His main focus was the establishment of the Interior Architect Department at Tokyo Molding University, Craft Center Japan, Japan Industrial Designer Association and Japan Designers Committee. He designed the interior decor at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Prince Hotel, etc. and furniture such as the “Himo-Isu (Rope chair)” and “Trii-stool”. Moreover, from wall clocks and watches to a public clock called “Hibiya pole clock” at Dai-ichi Life Holdings in Hibiya district, his work on clocks and watches became his lifework. He received the Milano Triennale Gold Medal in 1957, the Mainichi Industrial Design Prize, Shiju hosho(the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon), and many other awards/recognitions. In 2006, the “Riki Watanabe – Innovation of Living Design” exhibition was held at the National Museum of Modern Art.


Weight 1000 g


Riki Watanabe


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