Lemnos Wall Clock Cuculo Felice


  • Brand: Lemnos (Japan)
  • Designer: Akiko Miya
  • Cuckoo clock / Two-step volume control with light sensor
  • Dimensions: w315 × h252 × d111mm
  • Material: Ash solid wood
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery.
  • Made in Japan.
  • pre-order take 1-2 weeks.

Cuculo is for “cuckoo”, and felice is for “happiness” in Italian. Wishing to share a happy moment, we named this clock “CUCULO FELICE”. We designed the shape reminiscent of a small house nestle in the forest, or maybe a rustic medieval church. The clock hand is in the motif of the cuckoo’s tail feather and also the part of the rose window.
It gives a space for a various analogies with each person’s images or their past-time memories. The clock keeps time correctly but there are differences in our feelings how fast time passes by and how much we spent a fulfilling time. CUCULO FELICE will be there for those kinds of scenery of time and sings softly for your gentle moment.

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Founded in 1947, TAKATA Lemnos Inc. started as a brass casting manufacturing company in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and went into full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd in 1966. Lemnos works with many well-known designers such as Riki WATANABE, Kazuo KAWASAKI, nendo, Shin AZUMI, Tomoko AZUMI, Kanae TSUKAMOTO etc to design and create clocks that are timeless and accentuates the beauty of the raw material used.


Akiko Miya

President of miya akiko architecture atelier. She works on multiple designs crossing the scale; products to urban and local design including architecture design.Not concluding the design by itself, she is treasuring the spread of imagination brought from the dialogue with the users and our surroundings.
She designed many prize-winning works such as “house in nasu”, “house I”, “house K”, “wall behavior”, and “ZEBRA chair”.


Weight 2000 g




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