Lemnos Wall Clock Carved Cucu


The cuckoo clock version of the CARVED series features the numerals carved into the clock face, which give various impressions depending on the surrounding lighting atmosphere.
A cuckoo pops out of a carved numeral and tells the time. The design featuring both a bird’s nest and a numeral to indicate the time makes us unaware that it is a cuckoo clock, except when it strikes the hours.

  • Brand: Lemnos (Japan)
  • Designer: Naoki Terada
  • Award: Good Design Award 2020(Japan)
  • Cuckoo clock / Two-step volume control with light sensor
  • Size: φ350 × d140mm
  • Material: Mineral-Based Artificial Wood, Plywood
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery.
  • Made in Japan.
  • pre-order take 1-2 weeks.
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Founded in 1947, TAKATA Lemnos Inc. started as a brass casting manufacturing company in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and went into full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd in 1966. Lemnos works with many well-known designers such as Riki WATANABE, Kazuo KAWASAKI, nendo, Shin AZUMI, Tomoko AZUMI, Kanae TSUKAMOTO etc to design and create clocks that are timeless and accentuates the beauty of the raw material used.

Architect, designer – Naoki Terada

In 1994, he completed MA course of the Association School of Architecture (AA school) in London. After returning to Japan, he produced and directed various brands as well as designing architectures and products. In 2003, he established TERADA DESIGN ARCHITECTS OFFICE. In 2011, he opened “TERADAMOKEI” in Simokitazawa, Tokyo. Currently, he’s President, COO of Interoffice Inc., an outside lecturer of Musashino Art University, and the juror of the Good Design Award.
He directs the brand, “15.0% ice cream spoon”which is produced and marketed by TAKATA Lemnos Inc., while designing all the products.


Weight 3000 g


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