KOBO Pure Soy Candle Marche Aux Fleurs


  • tuberose, ylang, balsam wood
  • This stunning floral blend captures the rich and radiant aroma of tuberose. Delicate orange blossom, ylang and creamy coconut top notes adorn a bouquet, blooming with mid-notes of lily and gardenia perfectly balanced by the warmth of balsam wood at the base
  • 80 hour burn time.
  • Each candle comes complete with an extinguishing lid
    and a custom-designed box of wooden matches.
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KOBO pure soy candles were created by and for those passionate about memorable scents, and the fresh look of the KOBO packaging is a gift so beautiful it need not be wrapped.

KOBO was created in 2006 by Junko Kobori. Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, she and her husband spent many years traveling the world before settling in Saratoga Springs, NY. Junko was always struck by the scent of each place, and how absent those fragrances were when a photo of a location is viewed. Yet later, while reminiscing on her travels, the aroma was still very present to her memory. She came to realize that fragrance is one of the key elements to bringing any environment to life, and it is the most often overlooked. Junko began creating scents for her own home that would be as equally memorable to her family and guests as the paintings on the walls, or flavors of the food served. From this the KOBO range was born.

Weight 750 g


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