IDEACO Tubelor Homme Trash Can


A long-awaited wood pattern is born from the trash can “TUBELOR” that hides the plastic bag inside just by putting a cover.
Recently, even trees, the only producer on earth, are being designated as endangered species. Rosewood, in particular, is a tree that is endangered due to excessive logging and registered in the red list, and its export from Brazil, Southeast Asia, which is its production area, is banned and protected. Using faked wood is also one of the options for protecting and connecting life.
The bottom body has a hole in the handle so you can lift and move the cover and bottom together with one hand.

Garbage bags with a size of 500 x 500 mm or more can be used conveniently.

Size: Width 260 × depth 260 × height 315 mm Weight: 1.2 kg Capacity: 11.4 L
Material: polypropylene (cover / grain print, body / matte wenge brown)

Order time: 4-6 working days.

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Weight 1200 g



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