FollowMe Plus Portable Table Lamp


FollowMe Plus complements its classic predecessor. While the original size is perfect for cozy areas, the Plus reproduces the same warmth and quality of light with greater power. This version stands out for its ability to create entire atmospheres, and is great as a table lamp, desk lamp, or even on the floor.

  • Brand: Marset
  • Designer: Inma Bermúdez, 2017
  • Rocking opal diffuser and white matte polycarbonate body.
  • Five hours of battery life at peak performance.
  • 3 positions dimmer.
  • Dimensions: H443 x W185 cm
  • Color: White.
  • Material: Plywood handle with natural oak veneer, brass switch and construction details.
  • Bulb : LED 3.2w warm light 478lm (included)
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz

Production time: 3-4 weeks



Marset is a Spanish lighting company which was established in 1942 as a metal foundry, before concentrating on illumination in 1965. A long experience with molding metal gave the company a strong base for experimenting with different lamp designs, and over the years, Marset has become famous for its interesting and unique lighting effects.

Today, Marset aims to discover new nuances of light and create atmospheric and timeless designs with modern techniques. One of the best known designs of the brand is the FollowMe lamp, which won the Red Dot Award in 2016.

Inma Bermúdez

Inma Bermúdez (b. 1977) is a Spanish designer who has studied industrial design in Cardenal Herrera CEU University of Valencia. In 2007 Bermúdez founded her own studio in Valencia, which specializes in lighting, furniture and accessories. Bermúdez has collaborated with brands such as the Swedish IKEA, Valencian porcelain factory Lladró and Spanish lighting company Marset, for whom she designed the FollowMe lamp, which won the Red Dot Award in 2016.


Weight 2200 g


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