Dulton Double Face


  • New model 2022
  • Rectangular shape that is easy to incorporate even in a living space with a low ceiling.
  • Station clock with clock face on both side.
  • Main body and dial are fixed with a magnet
  • Brand: Dulton (Japan)
  • Sweep movement with no tricking sound.
  • Dimensions: H.187mm W.442mm D.98mm
  • Material: ABS resin, PVC, glass, aluminum
  • Weight: 2000g
  • Pre-order: 1-2 weeks

“DOUBLE FACE WALL CLOCK” is an arrangement of double-sided clocks used in public facilities such as station, office, and home use.

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Interior miscellaneous goods manufacturer founded in 1988 from Japan
Tools that are common place for everyone to use, each one around us
By making it more interesting than it is now, we propose “another richness to enjoy tools”.

Dulton have a full lineup of lifestyle items such as furniture, houseware, garden tools, kitchen tools, and stationery.


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