Bread and Rice Oval Plate Yellow Set of 2


  • Modern Japanese Pottery created by CHIPS inc.
  • Color of Yellow.
  • Shape Oval
  • Size: 270 x 190 x 28mm
  • Material: mino ware, Japanese pottery
  • Handmade in Japan

Due to item is made of natural soil and its pottery production process, you may find there is some shadow of glaze on the surface of item which is normal.  Since it is not mass production product, each piece is unique and has slightly different in size and thickness.  Hope you enjoy this unique texture and handmade artwork.

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Bread and rice …
A project of making ceramic with Mr. Masahiro Hishinuma who is a dietitian.
It is a dish that can be used everyday that fits both Western and Japanese food.And Mr. Mio’s visit to Mino Municipal Kiln with Mr. Miura on the theme of the dish where the dishes are lively, finished it perfectly.一洋窯 founded in 1955, they are good at making ceramic with advanced technology and strength.  Thanks to “pressure casting” the technique that Yoshi kiln is good, it is now possible to produce relatively high-quality equipment relatively reasonably.  Oval bowl is also manufactured by this technology.

Designer: 菱沼未央
Managed dietician, prepared food manager.
Born in Tokyo in 1989.
After graduating from university, I work as a freelance after working as a food company.
Based on the motto “Deliver good food for the world,” devise delicious, delicious and body-friendly rice.

Bread and rice …
Bread and rice and … containers are all in the gift box with a brand logo.
It is ideal for gifts in various scenes, such as birthday, wedding celebration!

It is a pretty firm lidded box, you can enjoy to reuse of the box.

Weight 1800 g


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