Bread and Rice Oval Plate Green Set of 2


  • Modern Japanese Pottery created by CHIPS inc.
  • Color of Green.
  • Shape Oval
  • Size: 270 x 190 x 28mm
  • Material: mino ware, Japanese pottery
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Set of 3 pieces

Due to item is made of natural soil and its pottery production process, you may find there is some shadow of glaze on the surface of item which is normal.  Since it is not mass production product, each piece is unique and has slightly different in size and thickness.  Hope you enjoy this unique texture and handmade artwork.

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Mino ware (美濃焼 Mino-yaki) refers to Japanese pottery that was produced in Mino Province around the towns of Toki and Minokamo in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan.  With a tradition and history spanning 1,300 years.

Weight 1800 g


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