AS Shopping Bag Zebra


  • This fabric bag is extremely versatile and practical, and is usable in every occasion.
  • You can bring with you everything you need and all the things that make you feel good.
  • Is a perfect tote & perfect gift for anyone!
  • The bag bellows increase its capacity while it reduce the clutter when folded.
  • All the seams are reinforced and the edge is finished with a tape to make it tough.

The size of the open bag  is around 34 (w) x 48(h) x 11 (d) cm
The size of the folded bag is around 17(w) x 9(h) x 3(d) cm
Washable in washing machine.

** Made in Italy **
Some bags might be slightly different from photos, in fact the cut of the fabric makes each bag unique.
The colors might be slightly different according to your monitor settings.

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Atelier Settembre is created by graphic designer Giorgia Turin from Italy.

Weight 300 g


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