• Picture Frame Gallery Wall HK

    In this modern day and age, taking photographs are becoming increasingly easy with everyone having handy camera phones in their back pockets. Photos tells stories from your life, keeping the memories alive for years to come. However, there is something to the warm nostalgia when seeing printed photos that looking at photos on the phone cannot compare. Using photos to adore your home not only reminds you of the good times, it also shares those precious memories with your family and guests.

    Perfectly coordinated aesthetics

    Photo frame walls are especially suited for living areas such as the living, dining or entertainment rooms where people gather and relax after a long day apart. They are a great way to fill up empty wall spaces with a personal touch that makes a house ‘home’.

    Larger photo wall sets are perfect for the spaces behind sofas, or that one empty wall in the game room. These mismatched yet geometrically balanced frame sets are great for breaking up the harsh straight lines of unadorned walls. For longer walls such as corridors or walls next to stair cases, it would be a great idea to set up several small sets of photo frames at intervals. This way you have more freedom when adjusting for more varied spaces.

    Smaller photo sets are also great for the workspace or study, as the vibrancy from colorful photographs are a great way to provide mental relive after intense work sessions. If utility is what you are looking for, Homeloo carries a variety of frames sets which doubles as clocks. The clocks frame sets are not just interesting, it leaves you will one less decoration decision to worry about.

    Photo frames are not just for photos either. For an extra touch of fun, add some dried flowers to the mix. These frames adorned with colorful floral could be great for dining areas, adding a refreshing touch of nature reminiscent of idle Sunday picnics at the park.  Or if you have children, why not showcase their art and craft along side photos? After all, the imaginative creations of your child are great memories of growing up as well.

    If you are looking for something more unique and custom, you could always add individual frames to one of our sets. Homeloo offers custom frames in black, white, and a variety of natural wood. Simply pick a style and size, and we will take care of the rest.

    As with all of our products, rest assured quality is at the heart of Homeloo’s service. All of our frames are made from solid wood with expert finish for a smooth, clean look. The cover for our frame is made from durable acrylic instead of glass to ensure safety in handling. Homeloo’s photo frame set will not help share your memories, we keep them safe as well.

  • Digital Clock or Flip Clock?

    It seems flip clocks are coming back in fashion in recent years. These retro clocks are slowly but steadily gaining a loyal following, and there are even forums dedicated to flip clocks where you can find lots of passionate people who swear by them. Flip clocks and digital clocks function similarly in that they both make use of a number display system to show the time, as opposed to analog clocks which uses the traditional clock face with rotating needles. With both flip clocks and digital clocks, the time could be easily read, and you could see the numbers changing by the minutes. So why might you want to make the switch from digital wall clocks to flip wall clocks? Read on for a detailed comparison.

    First off, what are the differences between flip clocks and digital clocks?

    The main difference between flip clocks and digital clocks lies in how they display time.  Digital clocks often make use of electronic LED displays whereas flip clocks display the time with a wheel of printed cards that flips over as time goes by.  It could be said flip clocks are a type of digital clock, as they are both electrically powered with batteries.  Digital clocks are definitely more electronic looking however with their back lit LED displays.

    So why might you want a flip wall clock instead of a digital wall clock?

    Style plays a big factor, especially when decorating the home.  Even though flip clocks are digitally controlled, they don’t look digital.  These clocks are perfect for those going for a retro feel, as their bold contrast can really stand out.  The large, sharply contrasted number display also means they are highly visible from all angles and in most lighting conditions.  Flip clocks also shares similar mechanisms with the display boards in airports, which adds a nice cosmopolitan flair to your room. Besides, the interesting way the cards flip over can be very mesmerizing to watch.  Check out Fartech collection, which displays the date on top of time.

    Flip clocks also offer a degree of flexibility over digital clocks. 

    Most of the flip clocks works remotely, meaning they are battery operated and does not require wired connections to an electrical source.  This means you have much more freedom in decorating as being wireless means the clocks can be placed shelves as easily as they can be placed on walls.  Digital clocks on the other hand, especially larger wall clocks, are sometimes wired as they require reliable power sources to operate.  With digital clocks, once they run out of power, they might need to be reset from the factory setting again as the information stored on the electric board will be lost.

    For those of you who value utility as much as style, flip clocks have something to offer on that end as well.  Unlike Digital clocks which constantly consumes power to maintain its display, flip clocks use little to no power when the cards are not moving.  As most flip clocks use a four-digit HH:MM display system, it means flip clocks will only use a small amount of power every minute. Hence you might be saving on batteries in the long run when you choose flip clocks.   Twemco are made according to the best possible industrial standards and makes use of patented technology to bring you high precision clocks which is precise to the second. Once set, our clocks automatically adjust for dates, including varying number of days each month which even accounts for the February 29th of every leap year.

    Flip clocks are strikingly fashionable classics that will not go out of date. Their clean mechanism coupled with precise reliability ensures they will remain a cult icon for years to come. Browse through our collection to find your perfect flip wall clock today.

    Do you have a flip clock at home or office? Do you have any advice about flip clock and digital clock? Can you tell us which one do you prefer?

  • Karlsson Wall Clocks in Hong Kong

    Karlsson Clocks arrived in Homeloo Hong Kong. You can find their newest models in our shop.

    HOMELOO is an online retailer sell flip clocks since 2008.  You can find Hong Kong flip clock maker TWEMCO in our shop.  Also we have imported European lighting NEW WORKS and NUURA from Denmark and MARSET from Spain.

  • BRUNO not only has Toaster Oven but Wall Clock

    BRUNO is a lifestyle brand created and developed by Japanese company IDEA International Co Ltd. BRUNO produces creative household products which combine form, function and a beautifully vintage, classic aesthetic. The BRUNO family of products  aim to encourage people and families to gather and enjoy cooking meals together at the dinner table.

    BRUNO 掛鐘現已抵達香港

    BRUNO wall clocks are now available in Hong Kong,

    See their creativity below:

    This pottery like wall clock has pop out big numbers which you can easily read from far away.
    Wall Clock Pottery, 3 colors available at

    Wall Clock Flocky, 3 colors available at

    BRUNO Wall Clock Solid, 3 colors available at

    BRUNO Wall Clock Rainbow,
    available at
  • Affordable Picture Framing HK

    Art works and pictures can make the difference between a house and a home. It’s rare to see houses without any pictures or artworks but framing them is always a tedious task. Selecting frames, gathering tools, measuring placement area are all tasks that needs to be handled. If your pictures are not of a conventional size, finding the right frame can be particularly difficult. Whilst these tasks are not physically demanding, they can be time consuming. Some would rather fork out for expensive framing services rather than deal with the headache.

    Homeloo provides an affordable yet comprehensive DIY framing option with a selection of gorgeous custom-made frames. DIY art frame package comes with everything you will need to successfully mount your home décor project. Homeloo’s DIY frame package comes with a solid wood frame, front cover, 4 ply matting, acid free foam mounting board, and a backing board. Each package will additionally come with wall hooks and frame hangers, so all you would need is a trusty screwdriver. The main frame is highly customizable as design is inherently at the heart of Homeloo’s service. We aim to match your project to the perfect frame in both aesthetics and functionality.


    Homeloo carries 11 varieties of frame packages based on wood type. There are painted and unpainted varieties to choose from for both modern and rustic home feels. The paint finished picture frames are made from polished solid pine; the unpainted options include walnut, oak, jichimu, ash, teak and pine wood.

    Once the desired frame has been chosen, it’s time to choose the size. There are five sizing options, 30 x 40cm, 40 x 50cm, 50 x 50cm, 50 x 60cm and 50 x 70cm. It’s always a good idea to measure both the picture or artwork and the wall you are hanging the project on to determine the best fit. The mat colour is also customizable in black or white. Choose the option which will create the best contrast with your art for an eye-catching result.


    All of our DIY art frame packages comes with 2mm Acrylic front cover instead of glass for safety and durability. Never worry an unfortunate knock will break the frame’s front cover causing undue injuries to person and art work, so contact us to order your custom frame today.

  • 10 Calendar Day Clocks Your Parents May Need

    10 Calendar Day Clocks Your Parents May Need

    Growing old comes with the benefit of freedom during the retired years, but it may also have the unwanted side effect of losing track of time in the mundane. When there is no commitment to keep track of, except maybe picking up grand kids from school, it’s easy to mix up the dates.  There’s no denying it, memory lapses happen to the best of us. Which is when calendar flip clocks come into the equation. These trusty multipurpose clocks not only keep track of time, they can keep track of dates as well, acting as a perfect reminder for the retired elderly whose days bleed into one another.

    FARTECH Calendar

    Homeloo carries a variety of calendar flip clocks in sizes and style to suit individual taste. The award winning Fartech calendar flip clock come in three different sizes; the small at 9.5 x 9.5 inches, the medium at 12 x 12 inches, and the large at 17 x 17 inches. The Taiwanese clock maker has over 40 years of specialised expertise in making flip clocks under its belt, ensuring the highest quality and precision in every piece. All three sized flip clock shows the date and day of the week in bold digital displays which can be read easily from anywhere in the room. The time is displayed in a built-in analogue clock which the older generation is used to. Its set-and-forget mechanism makes them perfect wall clocks for elderly parents. These clocks automatically count the different number of days in each month, and only needs adjusting every leap year.

    TWEMCO Family

    Homeloo also offers seven models by the established Hong Kong maker Twemco with more varied calendar layout, size and colour. On top of the digital calendar on each clock, you could choose between a conventional analogue clock or digital flip display for the time. The Twemco clocks also comes in smaller sizes suitable for bed-side tables and shelves. The big sized and highly contrasted numbers and lettering have a readability of over 23 meters on selected models. The Twemco clocks runs on patented technology which even accounts for leap years, which is an advantage over the Fartech clocks. For those looking for a truly maintenance free calendar clock for their parents, Twemco clocks would be your choice. Twemco clocks also comes in a variety of bold classical colours from your parent’s youth, look through our Twemco catalogue today for the perfect gift.  

  • Clock Repair Hong Kong

    Homeloo are now provide wall clock repair service for quartz wall clock in Hong Kong. (Not antique clock, desk clock, or digital clock)

    1.  Please leave us a message below and attached with back of the clock shows the movement.
    2.  After our evaluation, we will quote you the cost for this repair service.
    3.  Just send us the clock and we will fix it and return it to you within 3 working days.

    Clocks we have repaired: George Nelson, Umbra, Karlsson, Nextime, London Clock Co. and etc.

    Movement brands we have in stock.  Japan SKP , Young Town, SUZUKI, Junghans.

    Price charge example:

    • Clock movement replace : HKD100 exclude delivery fee.  (SKP , Young Town, SUZUKI)
    • Clock movement replace : HKD350 exclude delivery fee. (UTC, Junghans)

  • 10 Calendar Day Clocks for Dementia Patient

    Dementia is a common neurodegenerative disease with memory loss being a common side effect. People with dementia can experience confusion even during early stages of the disease, especially in remembering recent events, dates, and days of the week. It is important to have a good calendar clock in the home of dementia patient to help ground their sense of time.  Flip calendar clocks are particularly good choices as their high visibility makes it easy for easily confused dementia patients to read the time and date.

    Fartech Calendar in 3 Sizes

    Homeloo carries flip calendar clocks by Fartech and Twemco, who are both experts in the flip clock making business. The Taiwanese brand Fartech’s selection of calendar clock come in three different size; the small at 9.5 x 9.5 inches, the medium at 12 x 12 inches, and the large at 17 x 17 inches. The large model is especially suitable for people with memory issues due to its high readability. The printed dates are highlighted in large numbers, as is the day of the week. Saturday and Sunday offer extra reminders as their flip plates comes in different colours. Fartech’s efficient calendar clock runs automatically year-round, offering much better reminders of time and date for people with dementia who can easily forget to flip over conventional paper calendars.

    TWEMCO BQ170

    For people with moderate to advanced dementia who might have lost the capability to effectively read analogue clocks, Hong Kong’s beloved Twemco flip clock may be a better option. Twemco’s calender flip clock come in digital clock formats as well as analogue, which may be more suitable for dementia patients. Time is printed in large number plates, serving as good reminders for scheduled tasks like taking medicines. The day of the week and date are equally prominent. Twemco’s clocks have the added ability to process leap years, meaning they will not need to be reset once powered on. The ease of use for Twemco’s clock makes it great for carers of dementia patients as well because its efficiency in keeping time and date means one less task to remember. Twemco’s clock comes in 7 different model with different colour options.  Twemco’s larger wall mounted flip clock models can be read from as far as 23 metres away, making these a good choice for dementia patients who may need constant reminder.

  • LOO brings in more choices on DIY Wall Clock Kit

    There are lots of DIY clock unit in the market, all of them are mostly black in round shape.   Do you want to refresh it in different pattern or maybe not round again?

    LOO have make their own DIY wall clock using different material such as wood, bamboo and acrylic.  They use square shape in round edge (just like shape of cell phone app) as clock face matching with matte black hands to bring some modern element into it.

    Quality of movements? it has no ticking sound at all and they use what European clock brands uses, such as Karlsson, Nextime, and etc…

  • Baby Products: Why Organic Cotton?

    A story from Janice.  She realized that she was having a hard time finding real organic cotton baby clothing. She worried about the harm that could be done to a growing child by the chemicals and pesticides used in regular cotton because she found cotton is called the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop because of its heavy use of hazardous pesticides. Cotton covers 2.5 of the world’s cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world’s insecticide — more than any other single major crop!
    So Janice became a mom with a mission!

    Janice and her husband Mohamed worked hard together to develop their vision for a very special organic cotton clothing company. They began their journey by searching for the perfect source for 100% pure organic cotton.

    As an Egyptian, Mohamed was familiar with the thousands-year-old tradition of cotton production in Egypt. Long before the time of the Roman Empire, Egyptian cotton was known as the finest crop in the world.

    And he knew that today Egyptian cotton was still ranked as one of the highest quality products: it’s a long fiber cotton that is breathable, lightweight, strong, durable, and soft as silk.

    Under the Nile was founded in 1998 by Janice and Mohamed Masoud.

    • Under the Nile is famous for what we DON’T have:
      – Azo colorants
      – BPA (Bisphenol A)
      – Flame retardant
      – Formaldehyde
      – Fragrance
      – PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
      – Lead

    You can find their products here or