• LOO brings in more choices on DIY Wall Clock Kit

    There are lots of DIY clock unit in the market, all of them are mostly black in round shape.   Do you want to refresh it in different pattern or maybe not round again?

    LOO have make their own DIY wall clock using different material such as wood, bamboo and acrylic.  They use square shape in round edge (just like shape of cell phone app) as clock face matching with matte black hands to bring some modern element into it.

    Quality of movements? it has no ticking sound at all and they use what European clock brands uses, such as Karlsson, Nextime, and etc…

  • Baby Products: Why Organic Cotton?

    A story from Janice.  She realized that she was having a hard time finding real organic cotton baby clothing. She worried about the harm that could be done to a growing child by the chemicals and pesticides used in regular cotton because she found cotton is called the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop because of its heavy use of hazardous pesticides. Cotton covers 2.5 of the world’s cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world’s insecticide — more than any other single major crop!
    So Janice became a mom with a mission!

    Janice and her husband Mohamed worked hard together to develop their vision for a very special organic cotton clothing company. They began their journey by searching for the perfect source for 100% pure organic cotton.

    As an Egyptian, Mohamed was familiar with the thousands-year-old tradition of cotton production in Egypt. Long before the time of the Roman Empire, Egyptian cotton was known as the finest crop in the world.

    And he knew that today Egyptian cotton was still ranked as one of the highest quality products: it’s a long fiber cotton that is breathable, lightweight, strong, durable, and soft as silk.

    Under the Nile was founded in 1998 by Janice and Mohamed Masoud.

    • Under the Nile is famous for what we DON’T have:
      – Azo colorants
      – BPA (Bisphenol A)
      – Flame retardant
      – Formaldehyde
      – Fragrance
      – PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
      – Lead

    You can find their products here or

  • Write Review and Win this Tooth

    A tooth taken out of context and enlarged to function
    as a toothbrush holder. Kept by the sink, it
    is a reminder to put brush to tooth morning and
    night. The holder drains and keeps toothbrushes
    dry by means of a tiny hole situated in the root that
    doubles as a stand.

    • Designer : Chaiyut Plypetch
    • Material : Porcelain
    • Size : 6.5 x 6.5 x 9.1 cm

    How to apply:

    1) submit your review and upload your picture in the product page of your purchase.

    2) confirmation letter sent to your mail box.

    3) check the result on Dec 1, 2014.

  • How to create a photo picture frame wall

    Create picture (photo) frames wall is always the best way to give your home and office a warm and lovely environment.  However, it will take so much time by doing all the measurement to make a good one.  Homeloo now have this newly pre-designed photo picture frame wall set, it can save you much of time to create one.

    Installation is simple:  All you need to do is just put our layout paper on the wall then mark the position of the hook.   Pin the hooks on the wall.  Hang the frames.  That is it!

    All accessories you needed are included in the package.

    create photo wall, design photo wall, wall frame set, picture frame set, photo frame set.

  • About FARTECH flip clock

    Fartech Corporation was established in 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan, where the current Business Office resides. With their international sales correspondence office base out of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada, and production plant in Fuzhou, China, who were able to distribute their products to over 30 countries in the world making them one of the leading manufacturers in high quality flip panel calendar clocks.

    Their founder and designer, Kevin Sheu, created numerous revolutionary designs and products in the company’s thirty plus years of history. In his quest to develop and design the newest flip panel calendar clocks, he obtained multiple invention patents all over the world, and was also awarded with the USA Pittsburgh Invention and New Product Expo (INPEX) special award for excellence.

    Their experience and expertise in design and development allows new ideas to be created from start to finish. All of products meet or exceed the highest QC standard and hold SGI certification.