Picture Frame Gallery Wall HK

In this modern day and age, taking photographs are becoming increasingly easy with everyone having handy camera phones in their back pockets. Photos tells stories from your life, keeping the memories alive for years to come. However, there is something to the warm nostalgia when seeing printed photos that looking at photos on the phone cannot compare. Using photos to adore your home not only reminds you of the good times, it also shares those precious memories with your family and guests.

Perfectly coordinated aesthetics

Photo frame walls are especially suited for living areas such as the living, dining or entertainment rooms where people gather and relax after a long day apart. They are a great way to fill up empty wall spaces with a personal touch that makes a house ‘home’.

Larger photo wall sets are perfect for the spaces behind sofas, or that one empty wall in the game room. These mismatched yet geometrically balanced frame sets are great for breaking up the harsh straight lines of unadorned walls. For longer walls such as corridors or walls next to stair cases, it would be a great idea to set up several small sets of photo frames at intervals. This way you have more freedom when adjusting for more varied spaces.

Smaller photo sets are also great for the workspace or study, as the vibrancy from colorful photographs are a great way to provide mental relive after intense work sessions. If utility is what you are looking for, Homeloo carries a variety of frames sets which doubles as clocks. The clocks frame sets are not just interesting, it leaves you will one less decoration decision to worry about.

Photo frames are not just for photos either. For an extra touch of fun, add some dried flowers to the mix. These frames adorned with colorful floral could be great for dining areas, adding a refreshing touch of nature reminiscent of idle Sunday picnics at the park.  Or if you have children, why not showcase their art and craft along side photos? After all, the imaginative creations of your child are great memories of growing up as well.

If you are looking for something more unique and custom, you could always add individual frames to one of our sets. Homeloo offers custom frames in black, white, and a variety of natural wood. Simply pick a style and size, and we will take care of the rest.

As with all of our products, rest assured quality is at the heart of Homeloo’s service. All of our frames are made from solid wood with expert finish for a smooth, clean look. The cover for our frame is made from durable acrylic instead of glass to ensure safety in handling. Homeloo’s photo frame set will not help share your memories, we keep them safe as well.