Karlsson Wall Clocks in Hong Kong

Karlsson Clocks arrived in Homeloo Hong Kong. You can find their newest models in our shop.

HOMELOO is an online retailer sell flip clocks since 2008.  You can find Hong Kong flip clock maker TWEMCO in our shop.  Also we have imported European lighting NEW WORKS and NUURA from Denmark and MARSET from Spain.   SHOP Light

HOMELOO 是一家自2008年以來銷售翻頁鐘的網上零售商。您可以在我們的商店Homeloo.com 找到香港翻頁鐘錶製造商
TWEMCO 的產品。 近來,我們還從丹麥進口了燈飾品牌 NEW WORKS , NUURA 和 西班牙MARSET 的燈具。 進入燈飾


2 thoughts on “Karlsson Wall Clocks in Hong Kong

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    The clock doesn’t work even replace new battery, the gear(齒輪) seems out of order, can it be repaired? Pls. let me know the price and the earliest available time, thank you.



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