10 Calendar Day Clocks Your Parents May Need

10 Calendar Day Clocks Your Parents May Need

Growing old comes with the benefit of freedom during the retired years, but it may also have the unwanted side effect of losing track of time in the mundane. When there is no commitment to keep track of, except maybe picking up grand kids from school, it’s easy to mix up the dates.  There’s no denying it, memory lapses happen to the best of us. Which is when calendar flip clocks come into the equation. These trusty multipurpose clocks not only keep track of time, they can keep track of dates as well, acting as a perfect reminder for the retired elderly whose days bleed into one another.

FARTECH Calendar

Homeloo carries a variety of calendar flip clocks in sizes and style to suit individual taste. The award winning Fartech calendar flip clock come in three different sizes; the small at 9.5 x 9.5 inches, the medium at 12 x 12 inches, and the large at 17 x 17 inches. The Taiwanese clock maker has over 40 years of specialised expertise in making flip clocks under its belt, ensuring the highest quality and precision in every piece. All three sized flip clock shows the date and day of the week in bold digital displays which can be read easily from anywhere in the room. The time is displayed in a built-in analogue clock which the older generation is used to. Its set-and-forget mechanism makes them perfect wall clocks for elderly parents. These clocks automatically count the different number of days in each month, and only needs adjusting every leap year.


Homeloo also offers seven models by the established Hong Kong maker Twemco with more varied calendar layout, size and colour. On top of the digital calendar on each clock, you could choose between a conventional analogue clock or digital flip display for the time. The Twemco clocks also comes in smaller sizes suitable for bed-side tables and shelves. The big sized and highly contrasted numbers and lettering have a readability of over 23 meters on selected models. The Twemco clocks runs on patented technology which even accounts for leap years, which is an advantage over the Fartech clocks. For those looking for a truly maintenance free calendar clock for their parents, Twemco clocks would be your choice. Twemco clocks also comes in a variety of bold classical colours from your parent’s youth, look through our Twemco catalogue today for the perfect gift.