How to peel a pineapple?

Pineapple season again! Cutting and peeling pineapple seems complicated.  How can you take the most delicious pulp out? Make sure you learn the following steps quickly.

(1) Take out the top and bottom part.
(2) Cut it from top to bottom into 6 pieces, 3 cuts.
(3) You can now cut the peel out easily.
(4) Cut into small pieces.
(5) Prepare a pot of boiling water, put a little salt and pineapple pulp into water within half hour then it is ready to serve.

Raw pineapple contains Bromelain.  If you eating too much pineapple and found burn feeling in your mouth.  It is due to bromelain, an enzyme that digests protein.   After heating the pineapple, this enzyme will be dissolved and you wont have burn feeling.

You may think heating pineapple may destroy its vitamin, but this is not going to happen in pineapple because pineapple itself contains not much vitamin compare to other fruit.   However, after heating pineapple can increase the sour taste and soften its fiber, which is good for people who suffering from gastrointestinal diseases because it can reduce the stimulation of stomach.


Pineapple clock


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