10 Calendar Day Clocks for Dementia Patient

Dementia is a common neurodegenerative disease with memory loss being a common side effect. People with dementia can experience confusion even during early stages of the disease, especially in remembering recent events, dates, and days of the week. It is important to have a good calendar clock in the home of dementia patient to help ground their sense of time.  Flip calendar clocks are particularly good choices as their high visibility makes it easy for easily confused dementia patients to read the time and date.

Fartech Calendar in 3 Sizes

Homeloo carries flip calendar clocks by Fartech and Twemco, who are both experts in the flip clock making business. The Taiwanese brand Fartech’s selection of calendar clock come in three different size; the small at 9.5 x 9.5 inches, the medium at 12 x 12 inches, and the large at 17 x 17 inches. The large model is especially suitable for people with memory issues due to its high readability. The printed dates are highlighted in large numbers, as is the day of the week. Saturday and Sunday offer extra reminders as their flip plates comes in different colours. Fartech’s efficient calendar clock runs automatically year-round, offering much better reminders of time and date for people with dementia who can easily forget to flip over conventional paper calendars.


For people with moderate to advanced dementia who might have lost the capability to effectively read analogue clocks, Hong Kong’s beloved Twemco flip clock may be a better option. Twemco’s calender flip clock come in digital clock formats as well as analogue, which may be more suitable for dementia patients. Time is printed in large number plates, serving as good reminders for scheduled tasks like taking medicines. The day of the week and date are equally prominent. Twemco’s clocks have the added ability to process leap years, meaning they will not need to be reset once powered on. The ease of use for Twemco’s clock makes it great for carers of dementia patients as well because its efficiency in keeping time and date means one less task to remember. Twemco’s clock comes in 7 different model with different colour options.  Twemco’s larger wall mounted flip clock models can be read from as far as 23 metres away, making these a good choice for dementia patients who may need constant reminder.


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