MADEBAMBOO Pendant Light


MADEBAMBOO Pendant Light


Over 900 years ago in the Riverside Scene at Qing Ming Festival by Zhang Zeduan, bamboo braided fabrics had already silently permeated into daily life. There were bamboo walls, curtains, hats, baskets and etc… Constantly transforming to serve the needs of people.
Nowaday braided fabric is not only the favorite of everyday citizens, but it has also started appear in the international stage.

Real traditional bamboo braided by madebamboo.
Size: 250mm*420mm*420mm
Voltage: 110-240v

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MADEBAMBOO was founded in 2011 in Shanghai by Yang Jian and Chen Xiao Yu.  They are both studied in product design in Zhejiang University and also passion for bamboo.






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Weight1800 g


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