BELA Narrow Edge Point Alarm Clock


BELA Narrow Edge Point Alarm Clock


The initial intention was to add a few friends in different colors to the Square Alarm Clock so that it wouldn’t be lonely. The fine German beech and the dark American walnut are used for this design. You can tell from the picture that the clocks are like good friends even though they are in different colors and come from different places. I really hope that the clocks can bring you joy and accompany you through every second.

  • Material: German Beech/American Black walnut
  • Thickness: 4.8cm
  • Diameter: 12cm
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BELADESIGN, formerly known as a professional product design company, now has been transformed into a household brand company.
In the next few years, we will be fully engaged in design, develop and manufacture products in wood, bamboo, ceramic, and so create a bamboo wooden kingdom. Here fulls of own designed products.
We believe that through design, we can inject our thoughts and feelings into products, and so make the product be alive. We believe the good design will makes you feel pleasant when using the products.


2014.  iF Design Award
2015.  iF Design Award
2015.  iF Home Style Award
2015.  China Good Design
2016.  Gold Idea Award
2016.  iF Home Style Award
2017.  iF Design Award

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